If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. We also do alot of school programs for children. Modern-day soldier's aid activities and monthly meetings, September-May. We are a family oriented unit, welcoming new members. We are a Civil War dismounted Cavalry, family oriented reenactment group. We are a family friendly group that portrays Company F 27th Regt New Jersey Volunteer Infantry "Bailey's Boys" Military and civilian impressions welcome, Progressive unit of soldiers and civilians that participate in both Campaign and some mainstream events. Photography Read more, Join us for an opportunity to see demonstrations of Civil War weapons and equipment while learning more about the people affected by the Battle of Stones River. Civil War Round Table Websites Cheriton Memorial March. Civilians. The California-based ACWS is active in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties. Civil War Family kickback artillery unit with 2 mobile cannons. We also "galvanize" as a Union Color Guard/Company. North Carolina Civil You'll see Confederate and Union soldiers as they reenact the Civil War Battle of Munfordville. This is a Unit in NE ohio.We have two main rules 1.Safety 2.You must have fun . Our focus is to host, co-host and support local, regional and national events in the Western Theatre. Confederacy, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of Ausreenact. Cleveland (Ohio) Civil War Red Oak Old West Town Civil War Reenactment Leesburg, Ohio May 13 to May 14, 2023 Tentative Battle of Carthage Carthage, Missouri May 19 to May 21, 2023 Battle of Resaca Resaca, Georgia May 19 to May 21, 2023 Cheadle Lake Lebanon, Oregon May 19 to May 21, 2023 160th Battle of Monterey Pass Waynesboro, Pennsylvania May 20 to May 21, 2023 The Pawnee Guard is a not for profit Historical Reenacting Unit that portrays Marines, Sailors and Infantry from the Civil War. Civil War Reenactment Gear for Union and Confederate reenactors. Company K of the 28th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment is a Civil War Reenacting Unit located in Central Florida. Read more, Come relive the Reenactment of Abraham Lincoln Funeral Train, that passed through Stone Gables Estate, April 22, 1865. Please email if you have any questions. Table (MI), Middle Tennessee Civil War Round Table (TN), Monroe County Civil War Our members are of all ages, genders, and walks of life, but we all, Family oriented Reenactment Unit originally Mustered into service at Manitowoc, WI in 1861. This is your ultimate UK reenactment checklist for 2023! With over 25 million updates from over 1,000 sources every day, Google maps have the up-to-date information the users need, right when they need it. We train you in the medicine of the age. American History, United States Army Heritage and Education Center, Virginia The 10th Volunteer Cavalry strives to reenact the citizen soldier from Illinois. Participants often stay in character throughout the event, sleeping in period-appropriate tents and eating food cooked over an open fire. Members come from TN, NC, SC, GA. Our goal is to do our 1st event next Spring. Veterans' We are a family organization with something for everyone. We travel beyond our states to go to national level events but also reenact locally. Family oriented unit, 10 lb. We perform many military duties, such as outpost duty, recon patrols, and fatigue duties. Company has several pieces to include "mountain" howitzers. Read more, Come celebrate the upcoming 156th Battle of Mobile Bay Sponsored by the 6th Alabama Cavalry and the Alabama Division of Reenactors. We strive to portray the U.S. Regulars the best way we can, while leaving room for others to join and learn as we have. (Todays M. We have a military side and a civilian contingent. Children, 2003, Louisiana Children of the Under the broad name of "Army of the Southwest Civil War Reenactors" we encompass the 4th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, 9th Kentucky Infantry, Third Iowa Light Field Artillery, Cobbs Battery (Confederate) and the 7th Iowa Cavalry. Onondaga County Civil War Round Table (NY) Societies We are always lookin for more men dedicated to the cause. and the Civil War, Spotsylvania Battlefield Education Unit 22nd SCVI is a new family-oriented reenacting/living history that is being reformed in South Carolina. The Federal Generals Corps is a non-political, family oriented organization. Indiana Historical Society However, we do maintain "regular" impressions, such as the 88th NY and 4th Alabama. C and the McClellan Rangers Fife & Drum Corps, 116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry National Coordinating Committee Reenactors of both Confederate and Union forces can be found all over and are always looking for new members to take up arms. 2nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Co D - Contact Information is by U.S. MAIL to : Mr. Gordon L. Arnett, 617 McMillen St. Bridgeville PA, 15017, Georgia 3rd Regiment Volunteer Infantry Company G, Hart's Engineer's: Company E, 3rd Regiment, 17th Corps Field Hospital Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin-, https://www.facebook.com/17thCorpsFieldHospitalCivilWar/, Indiana 31st Volunteer Infantry - history, Louisiana - 14th Infantry Regiment, Co. G, 54th Massachusetts Company B Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Michigan 1st, Light Artillery 3rd Battery, 3rd Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Comapny C, Minnesota 1st Regiment, Volunteer Infantry, Co. D. The 3rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment. We are a company that believes in doing a true representation of a Civil War Unit, and if that's what you want to do, the make this your living history home! Virginia Historical Society, American Social History Project-Center Revision 6th U.S. Infantry, Civil War Reenactors Home Our Group Find Your Unit Calendar Join - Enlist! First Regiment Kentucky Volunteers, Company E. First Regiment Kentucky Volunteers, Company E is actively recruiting to fill our ranks. Early Preservation Trust University Civil War Round Table (TX), Bucks Non-political group that is family oriented. Bedford Forrest, SCV Camp #219, John B. Ingram Accepting new recruits, families welcome! Co. H, 55th New York Volunteer Infantry Mounted and dismounted troopers recreating the war in the west. for the Promotion of History Page We are a new organization of seasoned reeneactors who try to set the "standard of living history and timeline events". We have been around since 1989. Family friendly. Confederate unit that likes to portray soldiers on campaign, one that also tries to make the battles look as real as possible by taking many hits early on. Co. 'G'. South Bay Civil War Round The mission of their website and group is to promote living history and battle reenactment programs at historic sites throughout Florida. Family oriented Confederate Unit dedicated to the preservation of American Heritage. Through the recreation of events, members of the organization represent both the 4th Texas Company E and the 16th Michigan Company B for various educational events around the Great Lakes region and beyond. Association, Stamford and The Civil Fast-growing, authentic mid-Civil War infantry unit participating in several regional and national reenactments each year. Infantry. Adult Tour Groups $3 Per Person. If you're not familiar with what "living history" means, this is a term that Civil War reenactors use to describe their hobby of dressing up in Union and Confederate uniforms and acting out . Lincoln Group of New York Greater Kingston, Ontario, Canada Namely, to promote public education of the history of the War Between the States (1861-1865). We are proud members of Longstreet's Corps. AR. We are members of the 1st Division of Southern Reenactors and are Family Oriented and Family Friendly. Our unit is family-oriented. Kansas Reenactment Groups. Family Oriented Reenacting Unit doing Living Histories, Battles, Parades. Visit our website at: 7th, New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, Company D, The 7th, New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, Company D participates in a number of activities including battle reenactments, living history programs and memorial services and parades. Not all reenactment groups will offer the same experiences. Feel the weight of the rifles and packs that the soldiers carried. World War 2 Research & Preservation Society: California. Our unit potrays Stanford's Mississippi Battery, which was an actual Confederate Artillery battery named for it's original Captain, Thomas J. Stanford. We are based out of Corinth but want members from northern Mississippi or southern Tennessee. So join and make this the best unit that ever was and is. Locations headquarters are merely provided to give users a better searching experience. Ohio) Civil War Round Table (OH) Gulf State Guards 2nd FL Co F CSA Infantry, The Gulf State Guards, 2nd FL Co F, CSA Infantry, was originally recruited from Jackson County, Florida. Boston Athenaeum Library Early Preservation Trust, Inc. 118th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment, a UK based civil war re-enactment group. Military Order of the Loyal Legion of Read more, see history come alive with hundreds of re-enactors depicting Confederate and Union Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery units. Read more, Reenactment of the skirmish between Confederate and Union forces in Lancaster, SC area. (TN), Civil War Round Table Read more, Battle of Round Mountain Reenactment is one of the best Civil War winter reenactments around and is followed up on Saturday night with a formal ball. Family oriented group that travels at least once a month. Or give a traveler a detailed view of an unfamiliar train station. of the Civil War, Gilder Lehrman Institute of Some commonly reenacted characters are General Robert E. Lee, President Abraham Lincoln and the American politician Jefferson Finis Davis. A living history and reenactment unit portraying Confederate artillery. Vikings & Saxons Cornwall Blodorn Cornovii is a combat re-enactment group portraying 10th to mid-11th-century mercenaries from Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Russ and Slavic backgrounds. Army of Northern Virginia is a family oriented organization. If you are interested in reenacting or joining our unit please contact Capt.John Stone at, Mounted & dismounted cav. Historic Richmond Foundation We portray mounted and dismounted cavalry from the American Civil War through World War II. We are the oldest Infantry unit in La. We are NOW RECRUITING!! We are a family friendly company that does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, disability, etc. The southerners needed their slaves because of their large-scale farms, even their whole economy depended on them. Read more, Visit the reenactment of the Battle of Olustee. Pipe Creek CWRT (Carroll County, MD) When you enter the location of civil war reenactment groups, we'll show you the best results with shortest distance, high score or maximum search volume. The 4th Maryland Light Artillery is a family-oriented group that is based in MD and comprised of members from MD, PA and VA. Family oriented, we strongly believe that histroy can and s. We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina and portray a union impression, as part of the famed Irish Brigade. 1st Section, US Signal Corps, Department of New York, Since 1964, the re-created 148th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment has been educating the public and paying homage to the original group of men who set off from the Finger Lakes area of western New York for the seat of war in the fall of 1862. 1st Ohio Light Artillery Battery L. Based in Portsmouth, Ohio. Civil War Reenactors in New Jersey Channeling the 19th Century Time-Vestites Revisit the Civil War Story and Photos by Melinda Nye Almost 58,000 New Jersey men served in the Civil War. We are a group of Military and Civilian men, with a Ladies Benevolent Society. YERMO: Calico Ghost Town Civil War Reenactment February 15-16, 2020, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Calico Ghost in partnership with the American Civil War Society, invites you to witness the Civil War come alive with the sounds of bugles, and the thunder of cannon and musket fire. People with an interest in portraying "REAL Yankees"rather than galvanised one's welcome to join a unit that enjoys the drill of the mid 19th c. as did our regular forebears. See Calendar > The 6th U.S. Infantry of Ohio Most reenactments will also have the opportunity to view the daily life of a soldier in camp. We occasionally venture 'down South' for some of the major reenactments. Trust, Lincoln Group of the District CSMC Unit doing re-eantments and learning history of Confederate Marines. We portray skirmishers & are FIRST IN, LAST OUT. This is a new regiment so we are on the lookout for new members, the regimental headquarters is located in Dalton Georgia, along with companies B, C, G, H, and I, just like the historical regiment. This battle was fought on February 20, 1865 and was the only major battle in Florida during the Civil War. Augusta - W. H. T. Walker Chapter #2253 This site serves as a recruiting and communication tool for our Living History Program. Rhode Island Civil War Studies, A List of This unit has certain specific uniform requirements and will not be for everyone. of the Geneva Convention of 1864 We work closely with the other units in our region. The Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Co.A, Inc. is a living history organization, formed to portray a Union infantry company of the Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers during the American Civil War. County Civil War Round Table, Panama City, FL We are a group of living historians presenting first person histories of various key figures of the War Between the States. Check out our web-site. CWRT (MO) (MA) Table, Charlottesville Civil War Round Table (VA), Chattahoochee Valley Area Civil War 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery Battery B. Pennsylvania 10th Reserve Volunteers, Co. G, 1st South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Co H, Ferguson's South Carolina Artillery Company, 19th Virginia Infantry, Company B--A family-friendly unit based in Central Virginia", Rockingham Rifles - 10th Virginia Infantry Company B, Virginia 10th Volunteer Infantry Regiment - educational reenactment, Washington DC Chapter of the 9th and 10th (Horse) Calvary Association, Second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Association, Inc. We are a newly organized unit of dismounted cav. Civil War Library and We portray the 10th Indiana Cavalry when we put on blue(often). *This post may contain affiliate links. Galvanize as 5th Kansas Cav. Wilmington, Delaware We do galvinize to honor ancestors on both sides. Read more, Living History and Battle Recreation commemorating the 160th Anniversary of the Battle of McDowell. We have members from PA, Maryland and Delaware. Include "Reenactment Listing" on the subject line. Round Table (IN), North Carolina Civil Members of 1st MO Battalion. Maryland: 1st Maryland Volunteer Infantry (USA) 7th Maryland Volunteer Infantry (USA) 1st We have a love for living history that goes far beyond the battlefield and we have a place for anyone with a mid-nineteenth century impression. We demostrate how guards were in the civil war and if a person wanted to go awol we show military methods in the Civil War days. Contact a location near you for products or services. The famous "Faugh a Ballagh" regiment of the Irish Brigade is actively recruiting new members to its ranks. Find nearby civil war reenactment groups. Victorian Society of America Revisit the world around you in ways you've never seen before. MLACWS members are mainly from Southeast Lower Michigan, but members come from all over the Midwest and Southern Canada. A US regular reenacting unit that portrays a skirmish (or sharpshooter) unit. Member of 5th Division Army of N. Va, Company A of the 54th Pennsylvania Volunteers, members of Birney's Division. Living history/reenactments/school program. We strive to portray Chaplaincy and other often overlooked impressions. Company K of the 28th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment is a Civil War Reenacting Unit located in Central Florida. Stress Safety, Fun, & History. U.S. representing the common soldier of Company F with honor, accuracy and respect. In the fall of 1862 3rd Minnesot Co.C Cavalry was Detached from the Minnesota Battalion a designated to Iowa's 5th Cavalry Company K. While serving with the 5th Regiment in Missouri Company K was used for many purposes, Provost, Security High Ranking Officers & Front Line Skirmishers. Iowa Reenactment Groups. Ninth New York Volunteer Cavalry Company B, 3rd Battalion Hardy's Brigade5th Florida Company Kilcrease Light Artillery, 7th Florida Regiment, Company B C. S. A. Infantry "The Strawhats", Civil War: Uniforms, US and Confederate Armies, c.1895 Central Indiana, Civil War Round Table of We also do parades and living history. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links at no additional cost to you. Ohio Volunteer Infantry Based in North East Ohio. Manitowoc County CWRT (WI) This list is far from an exhaustive list. Read more, 7160 W Kearney Blvd, Fresno, California, US, The Henry Ford 20900 Oakwood Blvd. As a group, we travel thousands of miles each year participating in living history encampments, re-enactments, and giving informative lectures throughout the year both in Ontario and the United States. We are a family oriented unit . A campaigner/progressive Confederate Mess accurately recreating the North Carolina infantryman on campaign. Confederate Uniforms. Management and Preservation Organizations Round Table of Lancaster (PA), Civil War Round Table of Linden The New River Rifles is based out of Southwest Virginia, but has members from all across the Eastern United States, from North Carolina to Ohio and New York. Dr. Binion at. The civil war reenactment groups locations can help with all your needs. We are an authentic unit where you can experience the life of a Civil War Marine. Convention, Dames of the Loyal Legion A new unit in Southern/Central Arizona that is looking for veterans and newcomers alike. High School (NJ) of USA (DOLLUS), Living Union Civil War Widows and We do living histories and reenactments in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and other states in the east. Add to Calendar Add to Itinerary. the U.S. National Center for Civil War Zouaves, 104th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company CSAnet: The E-Voice of the Old South Stephen The MCWRA (Missouri Civil War Reenactors' Association) was organized in 1981 by reenactors who saw the need to set up a structured organization in response to the growing number of reenactors portraying the history of our country from 1861-1865, and to better serve potential sponsors who host living history events. #145, United Daughters of the War Studies, A List of We are a family unit. WWII Historical Re-enactment Society. I If you're intersted in making films, Civil War reenactors seem to make more that all other groups put together.firstminn@aol.com THE VIKING AGE CLUB was founded in 1987 to study all aspects of the history, culture, and everyday life in Scandinavia from c.750 to 1100 by means of research, experimentation, and recreation. We work for education and preservation / safty stressed /. Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital attached to Alexander's Battalion Artillery of Longstreet's Corps. Known for War Round Table (RI) If you are interested in having a look just contact us or visit our web page. We do Navy, Army, and some Marine impressions as well as civilian impressions of all kinds. We are a very family oriented group. NEW Civilian Vests, Sacks & Frocks. Civil War Round Table (OR) Battle of Carthage, a reenactment of the July 5, 1861, battle, the first major land battle of the Civil War, with 1,200 re-enactors. Read more, The Poison Springs Battleground State Park marks a Civil War battle that occurred in 1864 Read more, Travel back in history to the Civil War years. Research Center, Civil War Sailor and Marine Magazine Fairfield County (CT) Please go to our web site for more information. The 22nd Massachusetts is one of the largest Civil War reenactor groups in New England. Top Union unit based in East TN. We also have an artillery branch led by one Lieutenant and one Sergeant. We are a Progressive reenacting unit, but believe in family values in our group and intrust all members to practice them. Posts of Northern New Jersey We have members ages 18-60, We have a civillian group also. 44th Georgia, Co. C; Pridgeon's Battalion. fidiral de France (France CWRT) Company F is composed of members throughout the state of Florida and is affiliated with the 12th New Jersey Company K in New Jersey. Women and children are welcomed. of the District of Columbia, Civil War Round Table of We are a mainstream, family-friendly group. Join us for Family fun, good times, and the chance to step back in time with friends and yourself. Calif.), 140th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. Civil War Round Table of West If you need a chaplain, please contact Rev. Arkansas CWRT 18th Battalion AIF Living History Group. War Round Table, McHenry County (IL) Civil War Round Table, Mahoning Valley (Boardman, The 12th New Jersey Company F is a nonprofit American Civil War Re-enacting organization, which strives to accurately portray the common New Jersey Volunteer Union soldier during the time of the American Civil War. Trying to form a new unit out of Delaware.I'm looking for.Expirenced and none expirenced reenactors.The 4th Al will be familey oriented unit. War Round Table (GA), Onondaga County Civil War Round Table (NY), Peninsula Civil War 8th & 9th July 2023 Stonham Barns are hosting an English Civil War period weekend over the 8/9 July 2023. In 2020, Google Maps was used by over 1 billion people every month. We portray the 23rd. See y'all in the field! Huckstep's Battery is a Confederate living history artillery unit. Round Table of New Hampshire, Civil War Round Table of Orange These reenactments are the most popular in the United States, but events are held all over the world. We are a military group in arizona and desperately search for events in the area, there are very few. These reenactments are the most popular in the United States, but events are held all over the world. Based in the Rockford, IL Battery G participates in battle reenactments, living history encampments, parades, ceremonies and educational presentations. The Georgia Division Reenactors Association, Inc. (GDRA) was founded in 1978 and has become Georgia's premier professional Civil War reenacting organization. Round Table The First Kentucky served only in Virginia and w.comas the only Kentucky unit to be part of the Army of Northern Virginia. We are a family oriented unit who participates in battle reenactments, Living histories,School programs. This organization focuses on an accurate portrayal of the Federal Cavalry of the Civil War and to help preserve the memory of those men. Are you interested in doing a unique hobby that is full of fun, family, action and character? The unit is headquartered in Colorado and commanded by Capt. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our unit. Family friendly unit. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Looking for like minded individuals to join our unit, for info write 1st Lt. 4th SC INF 184 Honeybrook Circle Girard Pa. 16417. Open to recruits from Indiana,Illinois and Michigan. When looking through our list of reenactment groups, be sure to really think about what is important to you. Read more, Visit the Battle at Mill Creek Canton TX reenactment, also known as 'Battle for Old Mill Station'. We also portray the 123rd New York Infantry. We are apart of the 1st Confederate Brigade. Round Table (VA) Location: 381 Main Street, Smithville, OH 44677 (330) 669-9308 | website WOOD COUNTY (NW OH) First Siege 1813 Date: May 27-28, 2023 Time: 9:30 am-5:00 pm Location: Fort Meigs 29100 W. River Rd., Perrysburg, OH 43551 website Brigade Napoleon We are located in Youngstown,Canton area..contact Capt.J.Duvall at jim_duvall@att.net for more info. Box 92 Whitestown, Indiana 46075. We portray the 2nd. We look forward to seeing you on the field with us in the future. Center for Black Music Research Todays 69th N.Y.S.V. Prospective recruits welcome. Now we have members in Wyoming and Colorado. Battle of Nashville Preservation Society Historical Louisiana The event has become a popular . Battery B was one of the twelve companies of the 3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery. Co H is based out of New York and is a member of the 2nd Regt. Re-enactments of the battle occur in early October and include encampments and demonstrations of weapons and other gear. Members must dress in auth. Norwich Civil War Round Table (NY) We focus our efforts on educational activities through reenactments, research, and presentations. About The 28th Military Order of the Loyal Legion of Jubal A. Carolina Rifles Living history Association. They believe that this conflict, as savage and tragic as it was, still represents the center- piece of our history and has important effects for us as a . We come together for Regional and National Events, The 2nd Missouri Infantry, Company K, CSA is a civil war reenacting unit that portrays Missouri State Guard, Confederate and Union soldiers throughout Missouri and neighboring states. The Nevada Civil War Volunteers is a non-profit formed in 1980 for the purpose of educating the public about the American Civil War. Collectors of Civil War Bullets, Civil War Antiques We are a Progressive Campaigner but we are also a Family oriented unit. Family type unit with several guns covering Mo, Ar, Ky, Il, & Tn. Recruiting Sharpshooters/ Call 336 376-9930 / One of the largest groups of Sharpshooters and light artillery groups in NC/ Recruiting new members scope and non scope rifles. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Artisans American History Company "A" the Arkansas Travelers - A Civil War reenactment group based in New Jersey. We are currently a four gun battery and will be a six gun battery by Spring 2010. Confederate Network Round Table, Club Confidiri et If you are interested in, or would like more information on becoming a Civil War reenactor, contact us! The company is based in Eastern Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut and New Hampshire with a focus on events in New England and Eastern New York. We are a newly founded group of ladies, who wish to portray strong women who made a difference. Jubal A. We are do mostly reenactments and living histories. Full size 5 gun battery, napoleans, 12 pounders, ordinance rifles,12lb whitworth. UDC There's a lot to do at this Fresno civil war reenactment. We primarily operate in TN, MS, and KY. volunteers welcome. We help host Billie Creek Village Civil War Days and Winter Battle every even year of the Superbowl weekend.Contact Don Bryan 1st Sgt, The Army of the Wabash River Mess (Field Music) is a collection of Drummers, Fifers and Bugles from the Midwest with the purpose of providing field music for local Civil War reenacting event, Celebrating its 35th year in Civil War reenacting, Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery is one of the premier Civil War reenactment units in the Country. Read more, 2 May 1863: As Stonewall Jacksons rebel column slips through the Wilderness, a single Federal division makes an attempt to turn back the hand of fate. War Round Table (CA), South Bay Civil War Round

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